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CAS No:   69056-38-8

Sapropterin;Tetrahydrobiopterin; Tetrahydro-L-Biopterin (hydrochloride)

Synonyms: BH4 (hydrochloride);2-?amino-?6R-?[(1R,?2S)-1,2-?dihydroxypropyl]-?5,?6,?7,?8-?tetrahydro-?4(1H)-?pteridinone (dihydrochloride)


Molecular Formula:C9H15N5O3 · 2HCl


Abbreviation: 6R-BH4.2HCl


CAS Number:69056-388


Formula Weight:314.2


Description:White to Light yellow powder.


Biochemical functions:Tetrahydrobiopterin is a natural occurring cofactor of the aromatic amino acid hydroxylases and is involved in the synthesis of tyrosine and the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. It is also essential for nitric oxide synthase catalysed oxidation of L-arginine to L-citrullin and nitric oxide. Tetrahydrobiopterin is involved in many other biochemical functions, many of which have been just recently discovered.


Solubility:6R-BH4.2HCl is freely soluble in water.  A 1mM solution of 6R-BH4. in water gives a PH of 3.0 and a 1 M solution of 6R-BH4. in water gives a PH of 0.45.


Analytical methods:

        HPLC conditions:  Column: Whatman Partisil 10SCX

                          Eluant: 30mM NaH2PO4 ,PH 3

                          Flow rate: 1.5ml/min

                          Wavelength: 254nm

                          Solution: 160mg BH4/100g H2O with degassed ascorbic acid solution(0.16%)


Analytical methods (contd.):


        UV:      ε267   16x103M-1cm-1 in 0.1N HCl


        TLC :    BH4 solutions are not stable in the presence of air to perform TLC.


Purity: Product no. KW2.02 is more than 99.0% pure, contains less than 0.5% of 6S-BH4 and contains up to 2.0% sodium chloride, it is used as Tetrahydrobiopterin tablets.


Stability:Tetrahydrobiopterin is very hygroscopic. It reacts with oxygen especially in neutral and alkaline solutions. Due to oxidation tetrahydrobiopterin solutions become yellow but at -200C or colder ,solutions are relatively stable. 0.1mM solutions of tetrahydrobiopterin in water are much less stable than 1mM solutions, i.e. after 1 hour open at room temperature , 0.1mM solutions degrade by about 25% whereas 1mM solutions degrade only by 2%. After 3 hours, 0.1mM solutions degrade by more than 60% and 1mM solutions degrade only by 10%. Dry powder has different stability depending on conditions, as described in the table below.

                               RT                     -200C

          In ampoules       several months              several years


Storage: Storage conditions are not controlled during shipment and we cannot guarantee that the customer will receive the shipment within 6 weeks. There is no cause for concern when ampoules are delayed in the post as they are stable for several months at room temperature. Customers who have purchased BH4 in the past can estimate the time required for shipment.

On arrival we recommend that the powder is stored at -200C or colder. After an ampoule has been opened, the remainder should be put in a vial and then it can be stored in a freezer. Solutions of tetrahydrobiopterin should be prepared in oxygen free water with the lowest possible PH value and frozen as soon as possible. In order to increase the stability of BH4 solutions, ascorbic acid, DTT or other antioxidants, may be added.


Uses: Tetrahydrobiopterin, in tablet form, are used in the diagnosis and management of phenylketonuria(PKU). Tetrahydrobiopterin, in powder form is used in various laboratory studies. Because of its instability it is not suitable for the addition to nutritional supplements .


Safety information: Tetrahydrobiopterin is known to be safe for the intended use. Avoid prolonged inhalation of the fine dust of tetrahydrobiopterin which is very acidic. Otherwise there are no special precautions required in handling this product.


Remarks: The information in this publication is based on our current knowledge and experience. It does not relieve users or processors from carrying out their own precautions and tests.

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